James T. Mangan

Legal Claim to Outer Space

The concept of an outer space nation hit James T. Mangan during a seemingly benign conversation about the sky while gazing out an office window at the Board of Trade Building in Chicago. “There’s plenty of stuff out there,” remarked a business partner while pointing out the window. Mangan wondered who owned it. After careful consideration, he made his claim at the stroke of midnight on December 20, 1948 and created Celestia, The Nation of Celestial Space and gave himself the title First Representative.

The following day Mangan issued the Declaration (shown below) which served notice that this new nation is separate and distinct from all other nations with the sacred right of organizing and controlling its territory. He registered his acquisition with the Recorder of Deeds and Titles of Cook County, IL.

In his 1958 publication State of the Sky, Mangan wrote that he “formally and repeatedly informed the State Department of every established nation on earth of its existence, its claims, its rights, its intentions, its nationhood.” He spoke with officials from many countries, appeared on talk shows and wrote extensively about space as a resource that must be protected.

Mangan applied for a seat at the United Nations on behalf of Celestia. Although that application is still pending, his flag with a black “sharp” symbol within a white disc on a blue background was flown in front in front of the UN building on June 6, 1958.

The basic philosophy of the Nation of Celestial Space is contained in one word: Magnanimity. By achieving bigness of mind, he insists the people of the world can find lasting peace.

Dean Stump, First Representative

The Nation of Celestial Space incudes:

James T. Mangan, First Representative (deceased)
James C. Mangan (deceased) and Roberta Mangan, Prince of the Nation of Celestial Space and Duchess
Ruth Mangan Stump and Donald Stump, Princess of the Nation of Celestial Space and Prince of the Solar System
Glen Stump and Lisa Stump, Duke and Duchess of Mars
Todd Stump, Duke of the Milky Way
Edward Stump, Duke of Sirius
Daniel Stump, Duke of Polaris
Luke Stump, Duke of Alpha Centauri